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National Yo-Yo Museum

The largest public display of yo-yo’s and yo-yo memorabilia in the country, including “Big-Yo”, the 1982 Guinness Book of Worlds Records world’s largest working wood yo-yo weighing 256 lbs which is the scaled up replica of the very popular and innovative 3-in-1 No-Jive yo-yo by Tom Kuhn.

The Museum features displays of yo-yos from the earliest commercial production in the 1920’s and 1930’s to the current performance designed yoyo’s used by top competitors today. A video display with current contest performances is ongoing, and docent tours can be arranged. Every Saturday the Museum offers yo-yo lessons (12noon to 2pm) that are free, and open to all level players.

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National Yo-Yo Contest

The longest running National Championship in the world. Held annually in Chico, California on the first Saturday of October, the National Yo-Yo Contest is the premier yo-yo contest. Competitors qualify to compete in the National Yo-Yo Contest through nine Regional Contests held throughout the United States in five different divisions.

National Yo-Yo League

Serves as the administrating forum for National, Regional, and State contests in the United States. The League is a worldwide resource for judging information and contest criteria and imparts knowledge to promoters, judges, and players about how contests are organized and judged. The Regional contests are held annually throughout the U.S. and are the preliminary round to qualify players to the National Yo-Yo Contest semi-finals and finals.

National SpinTop Contest

Held annually in conjunction with the National Yo-Yo Contest, the National SpinTop Contest is the premier SpinTop competition in the United States. Competitors are challenged to use both traditional fixed-tip tops and modern bearing tip tops in the Championship freestyles.